Welcome to SFI, Inc., Since our beginning in 1978, SFI has grown to be an industry leader for precision sheet metal fabrication, machining, assembly, subassembly, and engineering services. We specialize in exceeding today’s rigid demand for innovative product development in the most economical way. From the initial design stage, to prototypes, to final production, our in-house project experts provide you the exact service needed to ensure your product receives the ultimate solution in fit, form, and function.


SFI is located at 1730 N. Forsyth Road, Orlando, FL 32807. Our recent addition increases our size to a modern 28,000 square-foot manufacturing facility. It is also headquarters for our customer service department, sales and marketing, engineering and design, production, secondary operations and assembly, quality control, and shipping departments. We invite you to visit us and take a plant tour.


April 2009

SFI is a top-performing sheet metal contractor with a solid emphasis in engineering, design, and production in all aspects of forming, welding, finishing, painting and silk screening. SFI is instrumental in our ability to meet customer deliveries throughout the CREW II, Chameleon, Hunter, QRD and IEDES programs with UNITECH. Through their steadfast support to develop and assist engineering and production to eliminate design risk, SFI helped to reduce costs and produce a very reliable product for the end customer. They worked last-minute changes in requirements to meet our customer demands resulting in significant contribution to the successful achievement of our programs and the overall success of our business. SFI continually meets or exceeds customer expectations. SFI is recognized for the exceptional commitment of their engineering and production level support plus their flexibility.

  • Lockheed Martin Simulation, Training Support
  • 2008 & 2007 Lockheed Martin Small Business of the Year Award
  • Simulation Training & Support
  • Best In Class
  • Suppliers Day 2000


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ISO Cert

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