A manufacturer of computer networking equipment needed a custom built enclosure that would be rack mountable as well as lockable.

The interior of the unit called for pullout shelf. Our engineers set to work creating a design to meet these features, ultimately producing a cost-effective solution featuring a clam-shell hinged opening. Our  Mazak Nexus Optiplex 3015, 4KW Fiber Laser with Tekmag 6 Shelf FMS, was used for the parts that required flat processing, and forming was accomplished in one of our Advantage Brakes. Where required we used the Autosert for installing necessary fasteners.

The finished rack enclosure featured dimensions of 33.560” in length, 6.940” in height, and 10.810”, manufactured to tolerances of ±.010”. The quality of the unit was achieved with inspection and testing including laser scanning with our Virtek scanner. 12 units were produced within 5 weeks and shipped to our client in Tampa FL. This was a complete technical data package, built to client specification to meet their application requirements. We welcome the opportunity to design and create new products to spec, calling upon our years of experience and practical knowledge. For more information about this custom rack mounted enclosure please see the table below or contact us directly.


Highlights from this Rack Mount Enclosure Project

Product Description
Custom Rack Mount for Electronic Enclosure
Custom Fabrication
Capabilities Applied/Processes

  • Design, Laser cutting, forming, hardware insertion,
  • Welding, painting, and silk-screening
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Mazak Nexus Optiplex 3015, 4KW Fiber Laser with Tekmag 6 Shelf FMS
Overall Part Dimensions Networking enclosure

  • Length: 33.560”
  • Height: 6.940”
  • Width: 10.810”
  • Weight: 24.505 lbs.
Tightest Tolerances
± 0.010”
Material Used
Cold rolled steel
Material Finish
Sherwin Williams carbide black
In process testing/inspection performed
Laser inspection
2d inspection
qualified fixtures
Industry for Use Computer networking
Volume 12
Delivery/Turnaround Time 5 weeks
Delivery Location Tampa Florida
Standards Met
Designed to customer requirements
Product Name Networking enclosure
psdp enclosure

ISO Cert

ISO Cert

Equipment List

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