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Specializing in sheet metal fabrication, machining, assembly, and subassembly, we work in all aspects of fabrication from forming to painting. Our services are primarily focused on engineering, design, and production. Backed by a 28,000 square-foot manufacturing facility outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment, we have the infrastructure and expertise needed to meet the demands of modern industry.

SFI Inc. was contacted by a company in the digital signage industry to fabricate a customized pedestrian alert signage unit. The client specializes in proprietary electronic signage that warns pedestrians and motorists of oncoming traffic in areas such as parking garages, parking lots, driveways, and loading docks. Its signs needed to be designed and fabricated to specific dimensions to ensure maximum visibility, especially for the visually impaired.

Project Details and Highlights

After its recent move from the Midwest to Florida, the client sought a local supplier that could provide it with a well-rounded range of services. It not only required a contractor who could fabricate the signage components, but it also needed someone who could assemble, paint, function-test, package, and drop ship its product to customers worldwide. Impressed by our comprehensive package of services, it eventually turned to SFI Inc.

The client requested a triangular prism-shaped unit with an 8” x 8” x 8” triangular face and a 40” length. The sign also featured lettering backed by acrylic and back-lit LED lamps that are illuminated as soon as the sign detects oncoming vehicles.

We used our Mazak Nexus Optiplex 3015, 4KW Fiber Laser with Tekmag 6 Shelf FMS, to cut the metal sheets used to fabricate the sign to specific dimensions. For maximum precision and accuracy, we also used these cutters to cut out the lettering for the sign. The metal sheets were then bent into the triangular prism shape using our Safan-Darley CNC Press Brake.

We finished fabrication by using an Auto-Sert Hydraulic Hardware Insertion Machine to install self-clinching fasteners into the formed sheet metal. The sign was then powder coated as per the client’s specifications.

Once fabrication was complete, the sign underwent strict quality control checks. We began by using our Vertec Laser Scanner to ensure that the sign’s dimensions and tolerances complied with the client’s drawings and standards. We also performed a full range of functional tests once the unit was fully assembled with all LED lights and electronics to ensure that each sign left our facilities in full working order.

Overall, the job was a resounding success. Each sign was completed within 4 to 6 weeks and drop shipped to various customers worldwide. Just as importantly, the project demonstrated our skill in a wide range of tasks that go beyond typical sheet metal fabrication. Our ability to provide strict quality control, complex assembly, functional testing, and delivery alike distinguishes us from other sheet metal contractors.

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